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2022-12-31 12:24 pm
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Mostly Friends locked

Hey, just in case you've wandered by, I keep most of my postings here under a "friends-only" tag. Sometimes I post publicly, but a lot of my posts are about my health. So if you want to be a part of my wacky world, friend me. If not, enjoy the public stuff I've posted.
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2011-01-04 12:47 pm
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You learn something new every day

This is for my beer-loving friends, the Internet Twins. It's a tragedy when you realize you have non-screwtop bottles and no bottle opener. Well, here's your solution.

There, I've done my good deed for 2011.
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2010-12-18 02:25 pm
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For those addicted to bacon -- you know who you are

Stirring the Pot: Slow-Cooker Bacon Jam

And it's got coffee right in it. How could this go wrong?

Despite the cholesterol, I am soooo tempted to make this. Yum.
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2010-12-17 03:33 pm
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Oh this is just neat

The history of the world told in cookie dough ... and sprinkles. I wish I was as good a baker.

Published: December 16, 2010
An artist's attempt to create a universe of cookies for the holidays.

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2010-12-13 09:49 am
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Rise and shine everybody!

Here are 2.75 minutes you'll never get back. But I want you all to learn how to do "dream hands".

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2010-10-13 10:50 am
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I NEVER watch TV during the day, but today, it's all about watching the mine rescue.

I'm transfixed. And so impressed by all the medical and technical teams involved.

Fingers crossed the remaining miners get out OK.
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2010-06-23 01:54 pm
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Earthquake?!?!?!? Here?

Several of my local friends and I just had a joint experience. --- The earth moved for us in Toronto. Buildings rocking. Gently, not violently, but definitely swaying.

We don't get many of those earthquake things in these parts. And they were predicting a tornado watch for today. Wonder what we'll get this weekend when Obama and the rest of the G20 are here.

UPDATE: Apparently it was a 5.5 quake, felt through the central and eastern parts of North America. Reports were coming from Brooklyn. So I WASN'T imagining it.
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2010-06-12 09:30 am

Dear Internet Rulers in Los Angeles

Please let [livejournal.com profile] ic789  back on LJ. I don't understand why the library there feels it necessary to allow her only to lurk but not post or comment.

We miss her terribly here!

Please let her back on.

Kai. Thanx, Bye.
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2010-06-05 06:27 pm
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Don't say I never learn ya nuthin' useful

Have you ever gone to open a bottle of wine only to discover you forgot the corkscrew? Well here you go. Problem is now solved.
How to open a wine bottle with a shoe. [VIDEO]
Note -- It's in French, but you'll get the idea.
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2010-05-31 02:58 pm
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Is anyone else having trouble getting LiveJournal to load?

I'm getting constant "invalid URL" messages. I cleared out my cache. That helped for all of 1 visit and then I was back to the error messages. No matter how I come in -- previously used link, typing enough of the URL till I get in or trying a short cut button on my browser, I'm getting more invalid URL messages than accesses.

I'm having no problems with any other site.

It's frustrating.
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2010-04-14 09:22 pm
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Oh great. If I get an iPad, I'm going to have to share with my "roommates"!

Too wild!

I wonder if the iPad developers got some feline input!
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2010-03-25 12:28 pm
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Attention Cat Owners! This could explain why you're so tired in the morning.

Did you ever wonder what cats do while you're asleep? This guy did, so he set up a time lapse camera to find out.


I wouldn't be surprised to find the same activity from Tux and Ruby if I filmed my sleeping time!
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2010-03-01 03:26 pm
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Treat for the Donny Osmond fans in my f-list

Donny was on CBC Radio on Friday and his interview is available on podcast.


Advance to the 42 minute mark to hear Donny. He talks quite a bit about Michael Jackson.

It was very sad to hear that later that same night his nephew died.

(The host, Jian Ghomeshi, is the guy Billy Bob Thornton got all snitty with last year. I think that went viral on YouTube.)
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2010-02-28 10:42 am
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Goodies for my Stephen Fry fan friends!

Stephen Fry gave a long interview on CBC Radio on Sunday Feb 28. It's now available in podcast here and is the first item on the podcast...

Fry on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson
Also, for those of you who didn't see the special Late Late Show the other night (Craig and Stephen with NO audience!), here are YouTube files of the 4 parts.
Part 1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZOHdhOTzI1o
Part 2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kRj-jRwCneo
Part 3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9cl6viHZzxM
Part 4: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vY8aYKSYink

And to see the full clip of Hysteria 3 that gets shown before segment 3 of the above,
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2010-02-16 02:57 pm
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2010-02-10 08:24 pm
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I can't believe this guy tried so many times....

The lovely Rednz, pointed me in the direction of this video.

After a few too many mai tai's, a speedo-wearing man struggles to get his pants on over his shoulders.

Give him points for being persistent, but

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2009-04-03 01:20 pm

Anyone else watch ER last night?

I broke away from my usual CSI-Thursday, to watch the send-off of ER. For about 8 of its years, it was my never-miss Thursday show. My faves were Mark Greene, Susan Lewis and John Carter. So I got totally sucked into checking out the special return visits this year starting with the Anthony Edwards one.

I wasn't going to miss the finale and was happy to see almost everything else was either off or in repeats for the night so my focus wasn't split.

Overall, it was pretty good. Sure, like everyone, I would have loved to see all the original characters come back to WORK at County General, but that was pretty unrealistic. I'm just really happy Carter came back and that Susan and Benton came to visit him with Mark being represented by his daughter Rachel wanting to be a med student. It was written with class -- sometimes a bit shmaltzy -- but overall, the message was all of the classic characters were still tied in some way to that ER and that the ER goes on.

If I had one quibble, it was them repeating the case of a mother dying in childbirth that was used in the ultimate ER episode, Loves Labors Lost. Last night's version, I'd have given a happy ending so it didn't diminish the Anthony Edwards original. They had enough losses in the other big cases of the night -- the drunk teen and Ernest Borgnine's wife -- to allow for happiness in the delivery room.

I loved the subtle call out to Clooney fans -- that Ernest Borgnine's character had met his wife in Miss Ross' class. He even stumbled on the name to make sure we caught it. :)

I'm sad it's not going to be on  any more, but really, I wanted it with the old cast who were long gone. I never took to Neela, Abby, Morris, Pratt and Sam like I had the original docs. So here's to ER going out better than I expected.

Oh, and P.S.
Despite my dislike of the Grissom and Sara stuff on CSI, I was really happy to see Jorja Fox in the ER retrospective interviews. I know she wanted to go back to ER when they killed off Mark Greene. Last night, I wished Maggie Doyle might have turned up in the last episode -- maybe coming back to County General to work and train Rachel alongside Carter.