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Several actors have taken part in a series of videos in support of the Writers' Guild.


For the CSI fans, Gary Dourdan's in the Speechless Anthem. When you get to the page, scroll down to #12. You'll find it.
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Hey, I've noticed traffic dropping in the LJ communities concerning Nick and CSI and I'm curious. [Poll #1090756][Poll #1090756]

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A writer for the Orlando Sentinel posted some thoughts on this coming Thursday's episode to his blog.

Slightly SPOILERISH so stay out if you don't want to know.

I"ve also found  a Yahoo Video preview for this week's episode. It's Sara and Hannah.
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With the previews  (CBS and CTV) and spoilers now out for Sara's final episode, we have a good idea of how it's going to play out.

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After this week's episode and Sara's outburst at Ronnie, it's clear to me that Grissom's love is not enough. She's in need of some real loving so she can see the light and become a happy person.

My thoughts are that she's been paired with the wrong person. She can do better, be better treated, and experience some real love.

A good romp in the bed goes without saying! So here's my question.

This way... )
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The CSI promo picture that was in TV Guide about a month ago has been re-released with Jorja in it.

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OK all you fan fiction fans and non fans. Someone named Miss Frost has posted hilarious videos  at YouTube on the subject.

Go to this page and first check out 06 fanfiction Yeh, the English isn't perfect, but the humor is fantastic.

I also recommend fanfiction again and femslash.
nightmare and the greybeard come recommended from people at Elyse's board.

Enjoy!!! And then tell me what you think.
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Two weird and wacky pieces about George Eads that got flagged in Google Alerts this week.

The interesting phrase here is
Hopefully by the time I am done, I can get a person as big as George Eads on my table and fix him.

Next. The paragraph and picture for this one are about 1/2 way down.
I think this blogger is a candidate for membership in the Nicky LJ communities.


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