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Yes. I know it's May 18 and May 24 actually happens next Saturday.

So  why is this weekend, the May Two-Four weekend?

Well, it's all about Queen Victoria, as many things in this crazy country are. Canada is one of the last places to celebrate her birthday which was May 24, 1819. We get a holiday Monday to celebrate her day. All is perfect when May 24 actually falls on a Monday (as it will in 2010).

But in a year like this one when the 24th is not a Monday, then the rules are that it's the Monday just before May 24. This year that's May 19 (tomorrow).

This is traditionally considered the start to our summer -- the weekend when those who have a cottage drive north to open it up. Those who don't have a cottage, haul out their garden furniture and barbecues and get grillin'. After this weekend, it is socially acceptable to wear white (for those still practising 1950s etiquette).

And where does Two-Four come from? Well, in Canada, we refer to a case of beer as a two-four because there are 24 bottles in the case. Apparently that's something unique to Canada. So if you're visiting The Great White North and someone suggests getting a two-four, now you know they mean BEER!

Happy Victoria Day all. Enjoy your Monday off tomorrow.
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Happy Turkey Day!

Hope you are having a relaxing time with lots of goodies to eat!


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