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This is for my beer-loving friends, the Internet Twins. It's a tragedy when you realize you have non-screwtop bottles and no bottle opener. Well, here's your solution.

There, I've done my good deed for 2011.
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The history of the world told in cookie dough ... and sprinkles. I wish I was as good a baker.

Published: December 16, 2010
An artist's attempt to create a universe of cookies for the holidays.

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Here are 2.75 minutes you'll never get back. But I want you all to learn how to do "dream hands".

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Too wild!

I wonder if the iPad developers got some feline input!
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Did you ever wonder what cats do while you're asleep? This guy did, so he set up a time lapse camera to find out.


I wouldn't be surprised to find the same activity from Tux and Ruby if I filmed my sleeping time!
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Note: This is not MY cat.

funny pictures - cat marty graw
see more Lolcats and funny pictures
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The lovely Rednz, pointed me in the direction of this video.

After a few too many mai tai's, a speedo-wearing man struggles to get his pants on over his shoulders.

Give him points for being persistent, but

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So tomorrow's the big election. In 30 or so hours we'll know who your leader is for the next four years.

Being one of your closest neighbors, we're always watching you. How can we help it. American TV networks have been piped into our TV sets since TV began.

So if you all elect Mr Obama, our local magazine, Spacing, is having a party and encouraging other nation's cities to do the same. It's called the "Welcome Back America Party" and is being held in our major city squares. It's really no secret that if we Canucks were allowed to vote in your election, the choice would be overwhelmingly democrat. (Which leads to the question of why we just elected another Conservative government.)

Now, if the other guy wins, then I imagine someone will resurrect the website marryanamerican.ca, which was originally set up in 2004 to help disgruntled American Democrats find shelter in the arms of single Canadians.

Yeh, it's all done in fun. But then you knew that about us.

Happy voting tomorrow!


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