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So, not only do I like to lead walking tours, but I love to go on walking tours. When the local organizations that lead free walks or hikes come out with their schedules for the summer, I'm all over them planning what to go on.

July 17 was circled for an evening walk around part of the Toronto Islands with a retired teacher who's taken it upon himself to become archivist of both his swanky neighborhood in town and his cottage neighborhood on the island.  I'd been on a walk with him around his city neighborhood and seen him at several local historical society meetings.  I knew what he had to say would be interesting and I wanted to go.

I rearranged my schedule and moved an appointment so I could go.

Three days before the walk, a friend told me they'd heard the leader had been arrested. Seems he had also become head of the "neighborhood watch" for his swanky neighborhood and was very strict about parking rules. So when  young family moved onto the street and couldn't fit their cars in the drive, they began parking in the street and this man had been slashing their tires every week or two for 18 months. The victims assumed  the culprit was  a teenager on the street and accused  his family.  The kid's family , to prove their son innocent, hired a detective who -- lo and behold -- caught the older man on tape slashing the tires.

Even though the arrest happened in May, the news didn't break till right before the hike I'd been looking for. One of the news reports quoted his wife saying he was now in hospital.

Surprisingly, the organizers of the hike never canceled it, but on the day, I figured it was off and went shopping.

Turns out there was more drama.

On the day that he was to lead the walk, the archivist/alleged tire slasher went off in his car, abandoned it by the harbor, and HASN'T BEEN SEEN SINCE. That's 13 days ago!

I didn't hear about that till today, because it didn't really make the news till now. The police were out dragging the lake to see if his body would turn up.

And you all thought walking tours were a pretty boring hobby!

UPDATE: July 31. The police pulled a male body from the lake today right near where the walk leader/archivist/alleged tire slasher's car was found.

UPDATE #2: An autopsy confirmed it was him.
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Transit strike after all.


$$%  *( AF AGOAI!!! %$& HAGI O# @$&!!!  


No TTC means I can't get out to give the walking tour on Sunday. Crap!


Apr. 16th, 2008 07:36 pm
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Remember that post I made BEFORE I went to New York City? The one where I was still at the office at 8:30 on a Friday night?

Well the reason I had to stay late then was to get contingencies in place for a software update that was scheduled to "go live" while I was away.

Today -- nearly FIVE weeks later - that update finally did get released. Five weeks! Argghh.

In better news, I just got my script polished for this weekend's walking tour. I'm co-hosting the first walk of the season. I feel accomplished, but there's a cloud on the horizon....

The TTC (our transit service) may go on strike. We're waiting for some big announcement tomorrow. Negotiations have been going on since April 1. The Union is supposed to give us 48 hours' notice if they're going out on strike. I'm hoping they're just trying to scare the other side by announcing a coming announcement.

I need my subway service!


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