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2009-04-03 01:20 pm

Anyone else watch ER last night?

I broke away from my usual CSI-Thursday, to watch the send-off of ER. For about 8 of its years, it was my never-miss Thursday show. My faves were Mark Greene, Susan Lewis and John Carter. So I got totally sucked into checking out the special return visits this year starting with the Anthony Edwards one.

I wasn't going to miss the finale and was happy to see almost everything else was either off or in repeats for the night so my focus wasn't split.

Overall, it was pretty good. Sure, like everyone, I would have loved to see all the original characters come back to WORK at County General, but that was pretty unrealistic. I'm just really happy Carter came back and that Susan and Benton came to visit him with Mark being represented by his daughter Rachel wanting to be a med student. It was written with class -- sometimes a bit shmaltzy -- but overall, the message was all of the classic characters were still tied in some way to that ER and that the ER goes on.

If I had one quibble, it was them repeating the case of a mother dying in childbirth that was used in the ultimate ER episode, Loves Labors Lost. Last night's version, I'd have given a happy ending so it didn't diminish the Anthony Edwards original. They had enough losses in the other big cases of the night -- the drunk teen and Ernest Borgnine's wife -- to allow for happiness in the delivery room.

I loved the subtle call out to Clooney fans -- that Ernest Borgnine's character had met his wife in Miss Ross' class. He even stumbled on the name to make sure we caught it. :)

I'm sad it's not going to be on  any more, but really, I wanted it with the old cast who were long gone. I never took to Neela, Abby, Morris, Pratt and Sam like I had the original docs. So here's to ER going out better than I expected.

Oh, and P.S.
Despite my dislike of the Grissom and Sara stuff on CSI, I was really happy to see Jorja Fox in the ER retrospective interviews. I know she wanted to go back to ER when they killed off Mark Greene. Last night, I wished Maggie Doyle might have turned up in the last episode -- maybe coming back to County General to work and train Rachel alongside Carter.